Massachusetts Man and His Wife Healed

At the end of December, Mark from Massachusetts  emailed a testimony of his healing.  He came with his wife to the Walk-in Healing Prayer Clinic on March 19, 2016.  He was suffering from severe coronary artery disease.  He was prayed for by Julie and Tom, who prayed for his complete physical healing, as well as a revelation of his forgiveness and acceptance in Christ.  In October of 2016, he had a repeat echo/stress test.  He passed that test with his heart receiving good oxygen, which was a big change from his previous test that showed his heart in great distress with lower exertion.  He is feeling very well!  Apparently, he will not need heart surgery now!

His wife also received prayer.  She had a long-term viral infection that made her quite ill.  Julie and Tom prayed for her healing, as well as praying to exchange lies she believed about herself and her standing with God for the truth of his forgiveness, love and acceptance.  She reports that she has been fully healed of this infection and is feeling quite well.

Praise God for his love and power for his children!

We invite all to bring their diseases and injuries to the Walk-in Clinics for prayer.

Debbie McKinniss

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