Develop Your Prophetic Gifting

Develop Prophetic Gifting

About 13 years ago, Kevin and I were new in our understanding of spiritual gifts. We were hungry to experience the gift of prophecy and for encouragement and direction in our lives. One evening, we went to a local church to hear a prophet. We were blessed and very excited when he gave us a prophetic word, but it was when he found us afterwards and invited us to join his “school of prophecy” that everything changed for us. I remember thinking, “You mean you can learn to do this?” I had this idea that prophecy was a mystical gift that some were given fully functioning and already developed–no learning or practice needed. It was in this learning environment that I learned to hear God’s voice, ask questions, practice in safe and encouraging environment, and develop my prophetic gifting. It started with baby steps, but it didn’t take long for me to be up and running with God. I was forever ruined for the ordinary.

Years later, we have taught and equipped people around the world to hear God for themselves and others just as we ourselves were taught and equipped. It delights us to see God’s people learning to release the Father’s heart to others. This gift is so powerful and dynamic. It’s fun and easy to learn together because we are practicing encouraging each other and God so wants His people and His church to be full of His heart, love, comfort, and courage.

We can all prophesy. It’s not just for the “super spiritual,” the gifted ones. It’s for everyone. We all get to play. Nobody sits on the bench! John Wimber said, “God likes to put His best gifts on the lower shelves so everyone gets the chance to play.”

John Paul Jackson, a prophet, while speaking at Wellspring Church said: “prophecy is laid into the foundations of this church.” If you are a part of Wellspring, this gift is foundational to who you are; it’s foundational to who we are and who we are becoming. It’s an important gift God has given us to comfort, strengthen ,and encourage each other and to establish and grow His Kingdom. It’s a gift that gives us courage to be who we are called to be and gives us a picture of how God sees us. I want to invite you to join us on Sundays from 6:30-8:30 pm, beginning February 19th, for a 6-week course in which we will discover and develop your prophetic gift.

Maybe you have taken a prophecy class before? I would encourage you to come along. Our gifts are never done being developed and there is always more of God to discover. Every time I am a part of this class I grow and stretch and have heaps of fun encouraging and being encouraged. I never want to stop learning, especially about the Father’s heart for myself and others. I hope you will join us and you too will be forever ruined by God’s faithful love towards you and others.

Sign up in the Cafe after each service on February 5th and 12th

The cost for the course and materials is $25 per person or $40 per couple.
There is a $10 deposit required when you register.

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