Meal Train Needs Your Help!


That’s right, I’m asking you to come on board the Meal Train here at Wellspring. This is a wonderful, vital ministry that supplies meals to individuals and families when they are in need.

The reason for needing meals are varied: from welcoming a new baby, recovering from surgery, caring for a family member or when there has been a death. Our goal is to be able to tangibly love one another – to link arm in arm – in good times and especially in the harder times. This is the core of who we are called to be to love and support one another.

There are multiple ways to be involved! The first step is to sign up, saying yes, you want to be involved; you’re on board. Then, you either sign up to bring a home cooked meal, purchase a meal from a local restaurant or contribute financially so others can cook for you.

Here is a recent testimony: (used with permission)

I am not quite sure how I can go about simply thanking you for all your time and effort for organizing all of my meals for the last 3 weeks.  I suppose I can start by saying how much it meant to me, how much it helped me, how nice it was to meet and get to know some people from Wellspring, and how delicious all the food was. ( I always used to joke and say if there is one thing that I would want if I was rich was my own personal chef; well I did get that, didn’t I. Lol) I am sure going to miss it. But as all things end so must this.
Again thank you so much.
Arlene Lemire

We need your help to continue to bless and love others in our family here at Wellspring.  For more information contact Judy Carson at

Judy Carson

Visit the Meal Train Information Table after each service this Sunday, February 5th, or email Judy Carson at to get involved!

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