A Lifestyle of Worship

A Lifestyle of Worship

A friend of mine journals during her prayer times.  It is her practice to tune into the voice of God and listen to what he says–especially when she asks him specific questions.  Awhile back she asked him about worship and wrote down what she thought he was saying.  While the pronouns she wrote were all personal, she felt that what God was saying was for the whole Church.  I share what she wrote here with her permission.  I’ll identify the speakers with M for my friend and F for Father God.

M:  Lord,

F:   Yes, dearest.

M:  What is a lifestyle of worship?

F:  You are full of questions and I love that about you.

M:  You do?

F:  Absolutely.  Yes, I’ll talk to you about a lifestyle of worship.  It’s all you’d expect–reading my word, talking to me, thanks, praise–and a heart of expectant waiting.

M:  My heart gets negative.

F:  I know.  Just ask.  Keep asking.  A lifestyle of worship is a progressive, changing thing.  Like the colors at sunrise.  Like the understanding of who I AM.  Like the freshness of dew.  A lifestyle of worship isn’t a static destination.  It is a journey.  An asking, waiting, receiving, sharing, pouring out.

M:  A lifestyle of worship.

F:  Yes.

M:  I don’t really get it.

F:  Now you’re on the right path.  It isn’t something you can “get.”  It’s a “going after” type of thing.

M:  Help!

F:  OK.

M:  Thanks.

F:  You’re very welcome.  Very Welcome….into a lifestyle of worship.

M:  Wow!  Thank you.

F:  You Are Welcome.

Father is so loving.  We are all accepted when we ask and none of us is condemned.

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