Patty’s Testimony


God is so good!

This is long–you might want to sit down.

First, I need to give you some history. Approximately  twenty-two years ago a mass was found in my breast and I was scheduled to have a biopsy. Many friends joined me in faith and prayed for healing, prayed against cancer, prayed to bind  this thing and send it to the cross in the mighty name of Jesus.

Oh, another piece of important info is that my mom, grandmother, and great grandmother all had breast cancer and died before they were fifty-two, so I surely knew that this was an attack from the enemy on my life and an attempt by him to get me to buy into fear.  I broke off the generational curse of death from breast cancer in the name of Jesus for myself and my family members here now and those to come. After this, my sister got breast cancer three times as well as ovarian cancer, but she is now alive and well, still praising and thanking God, the one true healer! After this, I was led to break off not just death from breast cancer, but breast cancer itself from my generations. Thank God for the great gift of the Holy Spirit who is the power in us, our helper, leads us into all truth. We know the enemy curses through generations, but God blesses through generations  and He is greater!

So, the short story: I had a procedure where a wire was inserted into the mass and additional pictures were taken to ensure the mass had adequately been located for surgery. Well, the Lord had a different plan than surgery that day! While I waited for the doctor to return with the new picture confirming the placement of the  locator, I continued to pray. I remember specifically standing on God’s word, praying aloud, making declarations over myself, thanking Jesus who bought my healing with His blood at the cross.  The doctors have a woman stay in the x-ray room with you while you wait for the pics to be reviewed. She was a lovely woman–Polish, I recall. She didn’t speak English very well, but well enough to understand me while I was praying. I told her Jesus was going to heal me; she seemed to understand.  I began to pray aloud in tongues.

The next thing I knew, I was on the floor with the lovely Polish woman and more than a few doctors in the room. They came to take the wire out, they said, telling me, “We can’t find the mass. It’s gone and we can’t explain it. We have seen cysts disappear or get small but not masses. This is…was…a mass and it’s not there anymore.” You can imagine how I quickly and enthusiastically I explained that it was God who had healed me!

And still another piece of His goodness: three weeks ago I had a dream that I was in a three-family house, standing on the third floor in the apartment, right in front of the entry door. The door was open. All of sudden I could hear the enemy  running up the stairs; it sounded like a large army and I felt a great deal of terror for just a moment. Then I heard, “close the door.” So I did and was immediately at peace and the dream ended. When I woke up I asked the Lord for understanding of the dream, but I didn’t hear much. All I knew was that it was the Holy Spirit who told me to close the door.

When I was thirteen something very bad happened to me in that apartment, but through the grace of God I received a lot of healing & freedom from this experience.  I knew He was talking to me through the dream, but I didn’t have clear understanding, so I just kept asking Him and listening, knowing that He would give me understanding at just the right time. What I did know was this place was a place of victory for me, a place where the Lord healed me from many things, especially fear. I had planted a victory stake there in my heart and I guard it. This place became a reminder of what the Lord had done, not what the enemy had done. Now I am an overcomer through Jesus and I get to go forward with that victory so I can grow more into His likeness.

Fast forward to last week: another mass was found in my other breast. I shared with the Lord my anxiety over the procedure and asked Him to help me trust Him.  I gave the anxiety to Him and He  gave me His peace that passes understanding, truly a miraculous exchange.  I got up the day of the procedure with serious peace. He told me that He was going to make this easy for me. Wow. I was so grateful and ready to have that crazy biopsy.

As I lay on the table I talked with my Father, my Daddy, and I could sense His presence in me and around me. Once again, I was so grateful.  I began blessing Jesus as the doctors took more pictures, looking for the mass. There was a painting on the wall that I had to look at because I couldn’t move. It was nice enough, but all of a sudden my view of the picture shifted–the Lord opened it up to me and I saw it differently, seeing things I had not seen earlier. He said, “I will do more than you could ask or imagine. Do you remember what I did for you last time?” My heart was filled with love and comfort as He spoke. His words felt like a spark that fired up my faith, the faith that He has given me. I told him, “yes, I remember and I know You can do it again. I want it, Lord!” He said, “I am going to do it again.” 

This is where He blessed me with healing! After many pictures  and two different machines, the doctor said,”well, I have read your file and you are now 2 for 2. We are unable to do the biopsy because with each picture the mass is getting smaller and smaller, too small to even biopsy.” The doctor showed me the pictures and I got to see the miracle the Lord did with my own eyes. It was a visual of  the Lord healing me with each picture and I could feel His love for me.

I told the doctor that it was God who had healed me. I explained that many of you have been praying on my behalf to the only one that can truly heal–the Lord Jesus Christ. I explained that He is God, able to do what no man can do, like heal me. I explained that He heals because He is my good Father and He loves me, not just becauseHe is able. I love sharing God’s goodness and healing power with doctors, and I am getting good at it!

My doctor smiled and said, “then you should continue praying because what you are doing is working.” What a great plan of God’s for me to witness to the doctor.  He makes it so easy!

Later that day I was curled up with Almighty God–Creator of Heaven & Earth, my Abba–just resting with Him, thanking and praising Him. Then He began to pour out His heart about my dream, yet another layer of goodness.  He reminded me that this apartment was no longer a place that I feared, but a place where God met me, healed me, delivered me, and freed me. There was a new memory there.  It is now a place of victory. Here I raise my Ebenezer! In the dream, He was reminding me of my authority as His daughter against attacks from the enemy. When I closed the door, I exercised my authority. He also said that being on the third floor symbolizes the anointing He has given me (I still need to hear more from Him on that).

What a wonderful, caring Father! He provided a dream to encourage me, teach me, remind me, and strengthen me so that I could wake up and walk more freely in who He is and who I am in Him. And His timing is wonderfully perfect! He knows the end from the beginning and He knew what was coming against me. He was speaking to me in specific ways that only my heart could understand.  My dream felt like a prayer,  and prayer for me is an intimate relationship where we dialogue about everything that matters to Him and to me.

I am loved and blessed beyond measure and His favor surrounds me like a shield. And the same is true for you!

Thank you for sticking with me and reading all this. I know it’s long, but it’s His story and I will testify of His goodness all the days of my life.

I am rejoicing that our Papa loves all His children the same and Jesus died for all us! My prayer is that each of you would allow the Holy Spirit to encourage you with what God has done in your life, remember it, think on it, thank Him, and ask Him for more. He will use this to grow your faith for the next great thing that He wants do for you– even a miracle!

God is so good! Let’s expect together!

Patty Gigliotti

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