Peace: A Follow-Up From Sunday’s Sermon

Have you been experiencing peace this week? The peace that passes understanding? Peace that doesn’t make sense considering the circumstances?

This past Sunday we talked about a great gift that comes with God’s presence in our lives:  Peace.  God is the Prince of Peace. The Scriptures of old declared that the coming Messiah (Jesus) would bring ever-increasing peace (Isaiah 9:7). Then Jesus himself, as he prepared to leave this earth, told his disciples (and all of us, his followers) “Peace I leave you, my peace I give you.” (John 14:27)

For those who joined us this past Sunday, have you been able to walk in a greater measure of peace? I’d love to hear your feedback and testimonies.  You can share them with me  now at

If you did not hear my message, you can listen to it here.

Jesus was a great teacher, but even greater is the gift of His presence to us through his Spirit. May the Holy Spirit of God rest upon and abide in your heart.  And may His peace, which passes understanding guard your heart and your mind.  This is not simply a verse to quote. It is a Father’s desire, a Savior’s gift, and the Spirit’s intimate presence.

Open the gift. Enjoy peace.

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