I.D.: Prophetic Identity


Our Prophetic Identity

In John Paul Jackson‘s message to Wellspring at the dedication of the new sanctuary in 2005, he stated several times that what we think, believe, and perceive about ourselves will effect what we become. He said:

“a) being an epicenter of heavenly vibrations is geared by how we perceive what God wants to do.
b) How we see ourselves is how we will become what God calls us to be.
c) Challenges will come from
how we see ourselves.
d) We
need to think differently than followers and think like leaders.
e) The battle is
what we will believe or not believe and how we are going to perceive this body and ourselves.
f) The choice is ours (can’t make it happen you have to believe and receive it).
Think and act courageously and bravely”

David Wagner said something similar when he spoke to the Wellspring staff in March 2015. He stated that we haven’t received all we need because we haven’t fully believed in who God has said we are.  

“. . .the reason you didn’t have the team, the time, the money, the resources is because you didn’t believe what I said about you.”

Additionally, Jan Nel said in a staff meeting in January of 2017:  

“I believe you see yourselves as too small. I believe that you are supposed to understand that you have an international calling. You are not there yet because of the way you are built. The structure and the stature of the people in this church absolutely position you for taking the responsibility for doing something for the Church that will give it confidence and stability… get rid of your fear and the negativity that you [believe and say]. . .speak with faith not reservation.”

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