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Information for the Ministry Trip to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation
Summer 2017
Wo’iyopastake Ministry and Mark & Kay Thornberry

We are excited to announce that the summer of 2017 will be the first time that we will be hosting a group for our ministry trip to the Pine Ridge Reservation.

Wo’iyopastake Ministry (TN) is a bit different from many other missions ministries. Our main focus is to encourage and help the local Lakota pastors and Christian leaders on the Pine Ridge Reservation to advance their own ministries. That involves a lot of time spent building relationships with the pastors and leaders there, more than specific building projects.

Mark & Kay Thornberry (KY) have been going to the reservation for several years now to bring food and material goods to help the people there. They have brought others with them to build The Lighthouse Church on Pastor David & Ella LaysBad’s property. And they have been doing some home repairs in the Porcupine district for a while now.

So we decided that we would do a combined ministry trip this summer that would combine both of our focuses, doing some much needed home repairs on the reservation, along with building up the local pastors & leaders in their ministry work there.

Date of Ministry Trip: We have a location reserved for the week of August 13 – 19, 2017. The exact dates & times for travel to and from the Pine Ridge Reservation will be forthcoming, but it will be during that week.

Location: We will be staying in some buildings that were made for ministry teams that come in during the summer months at the Wounded Knee Church of God (across the road from the historic Wounded Knee Memorial site). This location is pretty central to the entire reservation.

  • The fee to stay there is $30.00 per person for the entire week. (Such a deal!)
  • There are showers available, and use of a large, fully equipped kitchen.
  • We will need to bring in sleeping bags, towels, and all food for the week. (Food shopping and cooking will be assigned to one or two people in our group.)

Cost: Each person will need to pay their own way for air fare, the fee to stay at the location, and towards car rental, gas and food for the week. (For those driving in from KY with Mark Thornberry, your costs will be the fee to stay at the location, and towards, gas and food for the week.) Right now, it looks like approximately $1,100.00 per person (possibly less if you are driving in with Mark). This will be updated in June, when we know what air fare will actually be.

There will be a deposit of $200.00 due by May 15 to hold your place in this mission.

Also, we should each seek to obtain donations of funds from our various churches, or other sources to, to put towards building materials, which Mark will be in charge of purchasing and bringing in. The more we can get donated for building materials, the more work we will be able to accomplish while we are there.  

For more information about the trip and to fill out an application, please visit the table in the cafe after the service on March 12th or email Pastor Wes.

  • Dan & Bonnie Licata Wo’iyopastake Ministry

    Who Do The Licattas Serve?

    Pastors at the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota.

    Current Prayer Needs:

    • Suicide & Hopelessness – Jesus as savior!
    • Homelessness
    • Jobs/Economic development
    • The end of drug dealers & the bootleggers

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