I.D.: Declarations for Being a House of God’s Presence


Declarations: Wellspring is a House of God’s Presence

During Sunday’s service, we corporately declared that Wellspring is a “House of God’s Presence,” just as prophets like John Paul Jackson and David Wagner have also declared about us. We encourage you to continue making that declaration over Wellspring during your own prayer times.

Feel free to write your own declaration, but here is the declaration we proclaimed together during last Sunday’s service:

We believe that God’s presence changes everything.

We believe that we were created to live in His presence all of the time.

Therefore, we declare that we will hunger after and pursue the manifest presence of God in a passionate way.

We declare that there is an open heaven over Wellspring and that lives will be changed, families restored, bodies healed, prodigals returned, and souls saved as we host the presence of God in our midst.

We declare that we will have regular encounters with God as the Kingdom of God comes in our midst as it is in heaven.

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