I.D.: Declaration for Being an Army of Worshippers


Declaration: Wellspring is an Army of Worshippers

On Sunday, we reviewed the prophetic words that Wellspring has received about our worship. Over the years, it has been prophesied over Wellspring that: “there will be new sounds of worship and intercession,” “worship and the sound the Lord is releasing will bring freedom to many,” “there is a new well of revival as you build a new altar or worship,” “establish worship that comes from faith,” and “we will be an army of worshippers and lovers of God.”

As we live into these words, we invite you to pray this declaration over Wellspring, yourself, and your family:

We were created to worship God and enjoy His presence.

Therefore, we declare that we will release the sound of praise and the worship of heaven here on earth.

We join our hearts to the Lord and to each other in unity with celebration, joy, adoration, praise, and thanksgiving.

We declare we will passionately seek the Lord in intimacy and release His heart as we become an army of worshippers.

As we worship God, we declare that there is a new atmosphere of freedom, where hearts are transformed, healed, and set afire with the Love of God.

We declare that as we build an altar of praise to God, He is bringing a new move of His Spirit in our midst that will impact multitudes for generations to come.

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