Healings from Walk-in Healing Prayer Clinic of April 15, 2017

We had a great time praying for the folks who came for prayer at this month’s Walk-in Healing Prayer Clinic.  ALL of the people who received prayer left feeling physically better in some way.

I’d like to highlight one in particular.  A few days before the clinic, this gentleman had been walking down the stairs in his home, rolled his ankle, and had severely sprained the ankle.  He was in pain and was walking with the aide of crutches.  His 2 prayer ministers prayed for him.  After the first few minutes of prayer, his ankle felt a little looser and less painful.  He was able to move it a little bit.  So we prayed again.  We also prayed for some other issues and physical problems that were bothering him.

By the end of our prayer session, this man was standing up in the room and feeling better.  By the time he walked down the hall, he was walking almost normally and was carrying his crutches.  He stopped to fill out a testimony sheet and was nearly bouncing out the door by the time he left.

We praise God for his kindness and his great love for all of his people!

Our next Walk-in Healing Prayer Clinic is scheduled for Sat. May 20, 9:30–11:30.

Debbie McKinniss

Director, Bethesda Healing Ministry

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