A Hot Beverage Makes Things Better (and better yet when the coffee is good!): Updates in the Wellspring Cafe

wellspring-cafe-updateThe thirty minutes between services on Sundays are some of the busiest of my week; it’s the half hour when everyone is here.  This makes my extrovert heart happy, but, at a deeper level, it’s also the time when the meaningful and unplanned conversations usually happen.  I can tell by the look on friends’ faces who’s hurting; chase down someone’s energetic child for her while she catches a short break and trades stories with someone who will probably be more than an acquaintance in a month’s time; and introduce myself to individuals, couples, and families I know to be new around Wellspring.  In other words, it’s just about the best part of my week.

The quick coming and going is a real challenge though, for me and for everyone else.  The time is short.  There’s a lot of people.  Some are leaving.  Some are coming.  All this makes it harder to get into the good conversations we love and need.  The “hey, are how you doing?”  and “what did you say your name was again?” happens alongside the “how have you been since the surgery?” and “has X or Y situation at work gotten better since we last talked?”

All this matters.  It actually matters than we have words to express, because in the middle of it is the substance of our lives.  In the middle of it are our hearts, minds, bodies, and souls; which run and develop in tandem with the gifts and callings the Lord has placed on our lives as individuals and a church community.  In the middle lies the part where what we hear in the Sanctuary on Sunday morning intersects with the real and messy parts of our lives.

This is all to say, when I talk about the Cafe, I’m talking about the real stuff.

In the next week, we’re making a few simple changes in the Cafe, but they are ones I’d like to invite you into.

First of all, we’re getting new (& better) coffee (yay!).  Giv Coffee of Canton, where our own Ben Toalston works, is setting us up.

Secondly, backing the awesome efforts by Wellspring artists who have been displaying their work behind the Cafe counter for the last year or so (and with special thanks to Darryl Qualls’s leadership in this project), we’re going to make a couple, simple aesthetic changes around the Cafe to make it look and feel a bit more homey.  So they’ll be some comfy chairs and the like. Starting this week we’ll also be displaying the artwork of Karen Connors.

Thirdly, we’re going to stock the Cafe with coffee lids, which means we’ll be able to bring our coffee into the Sanctuary if desired.  Spills will still happen, so please clean up any spills promptly or notify one of the Welcome Team so we can take care of it.

Fourthly, coffee will be available after BOTH services, instead of just between services.  This is possible because of Mike Connors’s leadership and the amazing folks in his Small Group, who have offered to tend the Cafe after the 11am.

That’s it.  On the surface it might not look like much, but these “small” changes are actually super intentional postures.  We’re making these changes because we want to elevate and make visible love and care in our community, and that effects all of us.

Peace and love,

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