New Britain National Day of Prayer

national-day-of-prayerOn May 4th, Right Now Ministries will be hosting a time of prayer in honor of the National Day of Prayer. After gathering at 224 Allen Street in New Britain, a group of local pastors (including Pastor Wes) will lead a time of prayer from 10 am to 12:30 pm. There will be a time of corporate prayer from 10-11 am and then we will break up into smaller groups to pray for different regions of New Britain and Connecticut.

Here are just some of the prayer points the groups will be focusing on:

  • Schools:
    • Gaffney Elementary School, Holmes Elementary School, Jefferson Elementary School, Lincoln Elementary School, Smith Elementary School, Northend Elementary School, Vance Elementary School
    • Diloreto Magnet School, CREC
    • Hals Academy, Pulaski Middle School, Slade Middle School, Roosevelt Middle School
    • New Britain High School, E.C. Goodwin Technical High School
    • CCSU
  • Military
    • Army National Guard
    • National Guard Recruiter
    • Union Veteran’s Hall
  • Media
    • New Britain Herald
    • Polski Express
    • K-Love Radio
    • Facebook
  • Businesses 
    •  Center of Downtown
    • New Britain Building Department
  • Families
    •  Mount Pleasant, Malinowski Circle, Ellis Street Apartments, Martin Luther King Drive, Penticle Heights
    • Jerome Home, Andrew House, Coram Deo
  • Churches
  • Government
    • City Hall, Mayor, Common Council, State Representatives, State Senators, Congress, New Britain/Berlin Chamber of Commerce
    • Police Department
    • Fire Department

Even if you are unable to physically join us in person, please join us in prayer for these people and places in New Britain.


New Britain National Day of Prayer

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