Moms in Prayer


MOMS IN PRAYER meets weekly to pray for our kids and adult children on Thursday evenings at 7 p.m. 

We have been seeing some powerful answers to our prayers, as evidenced by this testimony:

“For over a decade my son has struggled with drug addiction. My husband and I have made numerous attempts to help him over the years, but nothing worked. When the Moms in Prayer group started, we all begin to pray earnestly for each other’s children. At the same time, my husband and I began to focus more seriously on praying together.  We began to let go of our fear, worry, and anxiety and entrust our son to the Lord’s care. Within a matter of days, our son told us he was ready to get help. He entered a three day detox all by himself, and then a 30-day inpatient treatment program. He graduated from the program and is now spending all his time with his new friends in recovery. They are sticking together for support, and going to recovery meetings together. If you only knew what we have been through over the past decade, you would appreciate that the transformation we are witnessing is nothing short of a miracle!  Our son has had a complete heart change. I don’t think the timing of this is a coincidence. God definitely hears us when we pray!  I’m also forming new friendships with the other moms, and I don’t feel alone anymore in my struggles.  We are all going through challenges in our lives, and we encourage and support each other.”

– a MOMS IN PRAYER attendee

For more information contact Lynn Rouleau at 860-518-8164 or email

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