I.D.: Prophetic Words about Wellspring as a Diverse Family


Prophetic Words: Wellspring Is A Diverse Family

On Sunday, we reviewed the prophetic words Wellspring has received about our identity as a diverse family. We encourage you to pray into these words and ask God to make these prophetic promises a reality.

  • Wellspring will be “a multi-generational move of God
  • Children will be a key for breakthrough
  • Wellspring will experience “a blessing of the next generation by those who are older and the younger ones will bless the older ones
  • Wellspring will be “pioneers to the next generations
  • You [Wellspring] have the keys to nations, generations, and provision
  • Wellspring will be “a house of spiritual mothers and fathers
  • Wellspring will “raise apostles from fathers and mothers, from sons and daughters, from servants and orphans
  • Fathers and mothers bring stability; Wellspring is called to bring safety and stability to others
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