Unending Love

by Carol Nicholls

For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. Luke 12:34

“Good afternoon, this is Carol, how may I help you?” What started as just another phone conversation at work took an unexpected turn. “This is Mike from radio station WBAL. We had a call-in contest asking people to tell us who was their best friend and why. Your daughter, Connie, called and said her mother was her best friend. She is our winner but you get the gift. The prize is a Peace plant which will be delivered to you at your office today.”

To have your teenage daughter tell strangers so eloquently, that you are her “best friend” is an amazing gift. That Peace plant was delivered in 1979 and has reminded me every day since then of her love. I’ve kept it alive and blooming with lots of TLC. Many times it has been divided, re-potted and fed. The picture above is that plant. That photo was taken this week.

Nurturing love’s gifts is a reflection of what that love means to you. “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” The greatest gift comes from Father God’s heart. God IS love. His love is unending, it doesn’t start and then stop. His love is limitless, it is as vast as the oceans and the stars in the skies. His love is unconditional, you cannot change it no matter what you do. Such true love is so rare among us that when it is found we treasure it and nurture it and work to keep it alive, just as I have done with my Peace plant.

What do you nurture? What do you treasure? May I suggest that all Father has done for you is only a small portion of His vast love? What you treasure is where your heart can be found. May the love of God be your greatest treasure.

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