“Follow Me”

Jesus said to his first disciples, “Follow me.” Central to our faith is the decision to follow Jesus. We set our eyes on him. We set our lives in pursuit of his ways and his truth. Following Jesus is not obedience to a religious view that we hope ultimately ends in life. Rather following Jesus means we embrace him as our Lord and Savior, who is himself the very life we all need. Then, from that place we pursue our journey with him.

The invitation to follow Jesus requires both decision and action. But where? Why? How? This Sunday, May 21st, we will ponder this simple instruction with its life-changing consequence. We will also share with a number of people who are taking this invitation very seriously, following Jesus into the waters of baptism.

We would love to see you Sunday, share in the joy of the baptisms, reflect on our own journeys of following Jesus, and enjoy the community of Wellspring. Please join us.

Pastor Wes

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