Update on Fundraiser for Sleep & Dreams Ministry


Dear Children’s Ministry and Wellspring Family,

Thanks to your partnership, many children will be provided a bed! The fundraiser that our Children’s Ministry put together for Sleep & Dreams Ministry was a huge success.  I was so blessed in the process. It is wonderful to see our kids’ hearts for other kids, and then see that put into action.  The children raised $3,300 for this ministry (and they had already given an offering of $450).

Sympathy is feeling bad about a situation, but compassion is translating feelings into action, and these actions can transform lives. The lives of the children at Mount Pleasant in New Britain have certainly been transformed by having their own beds to sleep in at night. As the name says, they will be able to sleep and dream of what they can become!

Thanks to those who have offered help in other ways too.  And a big thank you to Jenn, Chris Ann, and their team! You are all amazing women!

Blessings and Love to you all.


If you would like more information about Sleep & Dreams please contact me, Dawn Speer, at sdspeer@comcast.net.

Wellspring Kids will sell their creations of chocolate-covered pretzels and tissue paper flowers on Mother’s Day, Sunday May 14th after both services.  All donations will go to Sleep and Dreams Ministry.  Please join our kids in their passion to see other kids’ dreams come true.

Over the past few months, Wellspring Kids have given an offering of $450 to Sleep & Dreams Ministry, an awesome ministry founded by Dawn Speer, that provides beds for boys and girls living in New Britain!  Each week our kids have been so excited to give their offering to this ministry, and their offering paid for one child’s bed (each bed costs $350).  But our kids don’t want to stop giving!  Our kids asked if all of Wellspring Church could help give to Sleep & Dreams… so we decided to have this fundraiser!

For Donations: Please make checks payable to: “Sleep & Dreams” Ministry

For the address to mail the check, please email me at: DawnMarieSpeer@comcast.net

Dawn Speer will keep you posted on what she is able to purchase, and with permission she will send pictures of the smiling children!

Here is what Dawn Speer’s Ministry of Sleep & Dreams is all about:

  • My vision is to provide mattresses and bed frames to families who have children without beds.
  • As I have been working with inner city children I am finding out that children sleep with multiple family members, sleep in living rooms and sleep on the floor because they don’t have beds. A child who lives in America should NOT be sleeping on the floor.
  • Sleep is so important for a child to be successful in school and life and I believe that kids should be able to dream about what they can become.
  • Sleeping on the floor may prevent them from falling into deep sleep where they would have dreams.
  • Sleeping on the floor would cause them to be sleepy throughout the day, therefor inhibiting learning in school and preventing dreams of their future.
  • Sleeping on the floor will prevent them from becoming all God has planned for them.
  • “If children are not sleeping well the consequences may be problems with behavior, attention, learning, and memory,” says Dr. Shelly Weiss, author of Better Sleep for Your Baby & Child: A Parent’s Step-by-Step Guide to Healthy Sleep Habits and Pediatric Program Director at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. “Most research has concentrated on the cognitive or brain consequences of sleep loss, based on the belief that sleep is for the brain alone. However, there is growing evidence that short sleep duration results in metabolic changes that may contribute to the development of obesity, insulin resistance, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.” 1
  • Another researcher has this to say: “We all know kids, especially, need a good night’s sleep in order to thrive. After studying thousands of children, psychologist Mona El-Sheikh, a professor of child development, says children who don’t get enough shut-eye suffer serious consequences. They do not concentrate as well or perform well on tasks that are complex. Even worse, they may be more likely to be depressed, sick or obese. Sleep is very important for brain development and also for emotional regulation.  As it turns out, what sleep gives, and what the lack of it takes away, may be magnified by poverty.  Poverty is a very, very major stressor for our children,” says El-Sheikh. 2
  • I would like to have a running fund that would allow me to purchase mattresses and bed frames when I cannot get them donated through companies or other connections. Having a fund would allow me to purchase these items in a timely manner so that a child does not have to continue sleeping on the floor.
  • Thanks for considering donating to this cause.  On behalf of all the appreciative children, we thank you!  I pray you have wonderful, God given dreams tonight.

Dawn Speer

1 About Kids Health from the Hospital for Sick Children

2 The impact of sleep deprivation in children November 16, 2010

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