7-Passenger Van Needed for The Hartford Project

The Hartford Project is coming up this June and we have a a really exciting problem: we have more students who want to serve than we have vehicles to transport them.

Since Wellspring is a community of problem-solvers, we’re hoping one of you can help us: we need to borrow a 7-passenger van (or the equivalent) for the week of June 25th-June 30th.  This van will make it possible for seven additional students to experience and share God’s love in Hartford.

If you have a vehicle we might be able to borrow, or you know someone who does, please email our new Director of Next Generations, Mike Mancini, as soon as possible. June 25th is coming up quickly and we want to make sure every student who wants to be involved in The Hartford Project gets the opportunity to participate in this life-changing week of ministry.

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