Celebrate Mount Pleasant: Logistics for June 3rd


Hello Wellspring!

We are just days away from Celebrate Mount Pleasant and YOU can STILL get involved! Make plans to help out this Saturday at our ninth annual event. We are looking forward to working with you all and the residents of Mount Pleasant to bring light and love (and paint and flowers and more!) to this place and the people there.

Here are the logistics for the day. We hope that you are able to come!

Start time and parking:
We are asking that all volunteers be at Mount Pleasant at 7:45am on Saturday, June 3rd. Parking will be at the end of Leo Street, which is off of Corbin Avenue, three streets past Stop and Shop on the right. You can also park in the Stop and Shop plaza and walk up two streets to Richard Street and walk to the end. There is also additional parking at the end of Fern Street at the new “Center of Excellence.” If you park there, take the path down towards the baseball field. The day will last until about 4ish.

When you arrive, please check in at the pop-up tent marked “Information.” There, we will give you directions to where your project is taking place, give you a t-shirt, and provide any other information you might need.

We want to you share your pictures with us! You can send them to crosscutministry@wellspring.com

The Projects & Day’s Schedule:
All projects will be going on throughout the day. If at any time you feel uncomfortable or unsafe about doing a particular project, please let your designated leader know so we can make other arrangements.

8am – We start at 8am with prayer and announcements

11am – Big L will do their presentation with the kids

12pm- Lunch BBQ style!

1pm to 3pm- New this year: the Fair at Mount Pleasant! Enjoy the dunk tank, robotic animal rides, and more!

3:00pm – Clean-up of all projects should begin so we can be done by 4pm (please leave your area better than you found it and please plan to stay until your area is cleaned up if possible.)

The Mission:
The biggest item to keep in mind throughout the day is staying focused on why we are there. Our goal is to bring hope! That means we want to interact with the residents, not take over. If there is someone who wants to help with a project, by all means, let them. The more residents that come out and take an active role in making their community great, the more ownership and hope we can bring. We will have the “Information Tent” where they can help, located at the end of Richard St. If you see someone just standing there looking like they want to help but may not know how to ask, ask them. It could be as simple as, “Excuse me, can you hand me that shovel?” or “Do you want to give me a hand?” If they do not want to help, that’s ok too. We are there to pull, not push.

Clean up/Tools:
We are always in need of wheelbarrows, shovels, rakes, etc., so if you have one to share it would greatly appreciated. Please make sure that any tools you bring with you are well marked with your name and please ensure they go back home with you. Mount Pleasant is a very large area, so it helps to keep track of your stuff. During clean up time, please bring all tools that are not yours to the area around the “Information” tent. There, you can find your own items as well.

Also, please remember to pray for this event during this week – not just that it will be safe, smooth, and good weather, but that God’s all powerful Spirit will come into this community and continue to transform it in a way that He sees fit. This is God’s show and what we do is all because of Him and for Him. It is for His Glory, not ours, and for the ones He loves.

Again, we hope that you are able to bring your skills and smiles! If you have any questions or concerns at all, please feel free to contact us at crosscutministry@wellspring.net.

Looking forward to an amazing day!

In the Spirit,

Chris Knapp
Director, Crosscut Ministry

Mollie Rusczyk
Administrative Leader, Crosscut Ministry

Steve Briggs
Project Leader, Crosscut Ministry

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