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On any day, there are over 57,000 youth incarcerated in facilities across the United States.  Many of these young people are isolated from family support and community connections, serving sentences in secluded facilities.  Rich and Sally identify small, outlying facilities in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Colorado to reach out to the incarcerated youth and to develop and support ministry programs in those facilities.  They provide direct ministry, training, Bibles, books and resources, and follow-up support for both youth and staff on request.

We are confident that the Lord has called us to minister to “the least of these” (Matthew 25:40) in isolated lock-ups across the country.  We are amazed that God allows us to serve Him in this capacity and grateful that He always supplies our needs through His people in the form of finances, luziettiesprayer support, and encouragement.  He goes before us, opening doors to facilities and preparing
hearts to receive His love. More than once we have heard from kids saying, 
“Thank you for coming.  I prayed that God would send someone to help me and He sent you guys.”   These are children who are lost and hungry to hear about a God who loves them and cares enough to have a plan for their lives.  We also have an ongoing pen-pal ministry with a number of kids who write to us, many seeking answers to questions about finding faith and living it out.  We have written over 200 letters since our 2016 summer mission journey.  We always encourage kids to “Write to us. We’ll write back.”

-Rich and Sally

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