Parting Blessings for Andrew Springman and His Family



img_0526This Sunday, we will say a tearful goodbye to the Springman family as they prepare to move south to Charlotte, North Carolina. Andrew Springman, our Director of Worship Life & IT, his wife Kimberly, and their sons Christopher and Benjamin have been a beloved part of the Wellspring Community since they first began attending eighteen years ago, when Wellspring was still known as Kensington Baptist Church. Andrew remembers having a dream where he and his family were called to ministry in central Connecticut. As he recalls, “the dream also made it clear that we were to be regionally involved, not just join a local congregation.” When they started attending Kensington Baptist, Andrew began to realize “the dream was being fulfilled.”

Before coming on staff in 2010, Andrew first began volunteering on the worship team in 1999. When he first told the previous worship leaders, Becky Musser and Linda Dishinger, that he could sing and play acoustic guitar, classical guitar, and piano, they invited him to play a sixteen bar guitar intro to “Be Thou My Vision.” “Apparently
that went well,” Andrew recalls, “because the next Sunday they asked me to lead worship and I led just about every Sunday for the next year.”

With his heart of worship and extraordinary musical virtuosity, Andrew has been an example of loving servant leadership to the entire Wellspring community. He has touched numerous lives with his music, his compassion, his intellect, and especially his humility.

Pastor Kevin Butterfield observes, “My favorite thing about Andrew is his humility. Andrew is one of the most humble people I know. His humility creates an environment for to people grow in their talents and abilities in worship without ego getting in the way. That 10987636_10100770964059129_8239352234966285897_ohumility also creates freedom for people to express who God created them to be. What a model of Christ-like leadership.”

Pastor Wes Zinn adds, “Andrew has the purest servant’s heart of anyone I’ve ever worked with. It has been his greatest gift to me.”

Debbie McKinniss says, “Andrew will be sorely missed. Aside from his expertise and humble service to us all (even when we are technological dolts!), I will miss his ready smile, his unfailing cheerfulness and his thoughtful answers to questions—or his thoughtful questions. Blessings to all of the Springmans!”

Rick Aiudi, who has served with Andrew on the worship team, notes, “I once told Andrew when it comes to Christians treating others with compassion there are talkers and there are walkers. Then I told him he is definitely one of the walkers. It will be very difficult to fill his shoes, figuratively and literally. I will miss his musicianship, his conversation, and his calming presence.”1927812_1063917287812_6943_n

Amy Harris, who has served with Andrew both on the worship team and in the prophetic ministry, writes, “Andrew- your leadership and friendship have helped me to grow in both the prophetic ministry and the worship ministry- I’m so grateful to you for all of the ways you have encouraged me throughout the years. I will miss you and your family dearly. It has been such an honor and privilege to serve with you- I have been truly blessed!”

Terry Martin, who has brought his saxophone stylings to the worship team on several occasions, adds, “Many thanks for your years of excellent service. With your leadership, the music has been a consistent high point of every week. I especially appreciate how you’ve made room for less traditional instruments, allowing me to grow as a musician and increase my appreciation of the contemporary worship style.”

andrewDebbie Balukas says, “My favorite times of watching Andrew are during worship. You can see on his face and in his whole body just how much is loves the Lord. He puts his whole being into worshipping his Lord and Savior! I am truly going to miss worshipping with Andrew.”

Darrel Qualls writes, “Andrew has been my closest friend and creative of the last 15 years.  He is the most intellectually honest and Biblically sound person I’ve known.  An excellent friend to anyone who has the privilege of getting to know him.  He has had his hand on the rudder of Wellspring for years, and particularly in the last two years he has been a stabilizing force to all that is Wellspring.  ‘Well done my good and faithful servant(friend)’  You will be missed!”

Pam Zinn notes, “When I think of Andrew, the three words that come to my mind immediately are faithful, steadfast and ever serving. We will miss him dearly! Cheers Andrew to all of the good times we have had through the years as friends, ClearVoice leaders, and staff team colleagues!”

Mike Connors says,“It has been a delight to work alongside Andrew for the past four years. His heart for the Lord for worship and for the Body of Christ are unparalleled in my experience. He has been and always will be an inspiration to me and countless others. He has a brilliant mind, a humble spirit and is the epitome of a pastoral life lived out. In times of difficulty and times of joy, he is a10683650_10100864518136009_7023513157755244572_o consistent, stable ambassador for Christ. He is a rock. Faith, reason, and compassion flow from him. I have been enlightened, equipped, and empowered by Andrew. May God’s Shalom envelope our dear brother as he continues to advance the Kingdom through a heart of love.”

Of his eighteen years at Wellspring, Andrew reflects, “I’ve made lifelong friends. That’s the best part. I’ve also been amazed to see how much unity God has brought across churches in Connecticut and the way he used KBC and Wellspring to do that. I’ve enjoyed being a part of the regional church. As far as the work itself, my most satisfying work is to help people see their gifts and callings and start walking in them. I got to do a lot of that here, particularly in the Worship Arts Ministry and in ClearVoice.”

But as the Springman family continues to prepare to move to Charlotte, Andrew is excited for the future. “It will be great to live near my brother and his family. He’s my only sibling. I’ve haven’t lived near him since he went to college in 1985. His kids are younger than ours and still at home. So, we’ll get to know my nephews and niece better. We are also excited to see how God leads us in this new season. He’s put a bunch of big ideas on our hearts about work as ministry and about engaging a community. Also, we’ve taken on the mantle of the apostolic from Wellspring. So, we plan to deliberately form relationships with a number of different ministries.”

53d6324d-5ffa-4ba6-aee1-d2191cd6e239Although there will now be a Springman-sized hole at Wellspring and in the hearts of those who have journeyed alongside Andrew, Kimberly, Christopher, and Benjamin for the last eighteen years, we send them off with eager expectation for how the Lord will continue to minister through them to a whole new community, city, and region. Please join us for an ice cream reception after the 11 am service on June 25th as we bless this wonderful family and honor them for so many years of faithful and loving service to the Wellspring (and Kensington Baptist) community.

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