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Looking for some great opportunities to volunteer as a family this summer?

Hartford City Mission (HCM) is looking for some local families who might be interested in hosting a Fun Friday Field Trip this summer.

HCM is currently scheduling field trips on the following four Fridays: June 30, July 7, July 21 and July 28. We would leave Hartford at 1 pm and would need to be back by 4:30 at the latest. The goal is to spend about 2 hours with the hosts and then head back to Glory Chapel to play games with whatever time is left at that point.

The group will be about 10-12 children and 2 staffers. The groups are broken into one of the three following age groups (similar to Noah After School):

  • C1s: usually children who have completed grades 1-3
  • C2s: usually children who have completed grades 3-5
  • C3s: usually children who have completed grades 5-7

The host can request a specific group if desired.

Field trips generally take on one of the two following forms:

  • Treat a group of kids to a fun, inexpensive activity (Bowling, Arcade, Petting Zoo, Ice Cream, etc.) and also help drive them to the location.  If you want suggestions of fun things to do, please let me know. Just to get the creative juices going, last year one of the favorite fun Fridays was getting to go to the food truck fair down at Riverside Park here in Hartford.
  • Host a group at your home or church to give them a break from city life (you must be within a 30 min drive).  Plan a special activity for them: bake cookies, craft project, hike/walk around your neighborhood, let them play with your animals, swim in a pool, play in the sprinkler, really anything! When my family hosts a group they spend a lot of time just playing with our Legos in the basement.

If you are interested in helping to host a Fun Friday Field trip this summer, please contact HCM’s Program Director Dave Ambrose at davea@hartfordcitymission.org

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