Update from the Wellspring Family Meeting


On Sunday evening, July 16th, the Elders held a Family Meeting in Wellspring’s cafe. After a time of worship, the Elders updated the community on their activities and priorities of the past few months. They began by reporting some of the steps Pastor Rick has been taking to pursue emotional and spiritual health. At the Elders’ request, Rick has been in counseling and is meeting regularly with his “healing team,” a group of other pastors led by Dr. Brent Allen, the head of Converge. The Elders have also begun meeting with Rick to begin to restore trust and rebuild their relationship with him. Elder Chair Mark Johnson said to those at the meeting, “Our desire is that Rick returns, but we need to ensure Rick experiences adequate healing.” At this point, the Elders feel it is premature to make any projections about what a future timeline might look like.

The elders also reported on their renewed priority of grace as they have begun seeking reconciliation with several former employees who were not treated with love and grace at the end of their employment. Somewhat related to this, they expressed their concern for people who have left Wellspring in the recent months and discussed how they have reached out to many of them. They encouraged the whole Wellspring family to get involved in reaching out to folks who are having difficulty. In addition, the Elders shared that they have been praying and seeking God for clarity about Wellspring’s next steps in our vision and calling and working to support Pastor Kevin and Pastor Wes. Still on their agenda for the coming months is to revise Wellspring’s constitution and create a more effective membership process.

Pastor Wes gave an update on his plans to continue to strengthen current ministry relationships in Uganda, Guatemala, and Hartford, as well as some exciting new ministry possibilities in Egypt and at the Pine Ridge Reservation. Pastor Kevin shared his plans for the fall, including a potential teaching series, more enrichment classes, and new leadership development opportunities. He also shared that Ben Toalston has agreed to lead the worship at the Sunday service over the summer while Wellspring continues its search for a new Worship Director.

If you have any questions, feel free to email the Elders collectively at eldercontact@wellspring.net or contact them individually here.

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