Update from the Pine Ridge Reservation







Pastor Wes and a team of six other people are at the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota working with Bonnie Licata and Wo’iyopastake Ministry.

Wo’iyopastake Ministry is committed to serving and supporting the pastors and Chris20799959_10213409217406609_7404353523508877895_ntian leaders at Pine Ridge and are currently doing some construction on the Lighthouse Church at David & Ella LaysBad’s place. The team has already built a ramp for wheelchair access with a covering over it and a step outside the side door.

Pastor Wes says, “Privileged to be part of this team. Ministering to Lakota people reminds me that we all have the same human needs…something to believe in, somewhere to belong, and some place of significance. That’s why we live by faith, are known by love, and are a voice of hope wherever we go.”

Please be praying for the Pine Ridge team as they continue to serve and minister to the Lakota people!20799275_10213409214366533_3731425930049931127_n

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