Breath of Heaven: Pam’s Testimony


I want to personally invite you to the Breath of Heaven camp meetings next week, October 12 -15. I am particularly excited that all of the speakers this year are leaders of Gateways Beyond International, based in Cyprus, because that community holds a special place in my heart and my journey of healing.

My first visit to Cyprus in April of 2013 was intended to be a vacation, touring the island and checking out the meetings of the Gateways community. But God had other plans for me!  He used that unique community and the altar of worship and praise established there to break open the hard shell of my heart. It felt like breaking open an egg and everything came out – the good, bad, and ugly.  Since that time the Lord has brought significant healing to the hurts and woundedness in my heart.  And He has strengthened and encouraged the good places in my heart!  

I believe that the timing of the Breath of Heaven meetings, right in the middle of our fall sermon series “Tending to the Heart”, is setting us up for significant times of breakthrough and healing in all of our hearts.  So come expecting the Lord to show up and to bring breakthrough and healing to your heart!

(I am planning to attend all of the meetings and I would be glad to share more and pray with any of you individually.  Just come see me.)  

Love and Blessings,

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