Breath of Heaven: A Word from Pastor Wes


I was asked today: “how will this year’s Breath of Heaven meetings be different than previous years?”

My answer was simple: “it will be a fresh breath!” Just like every breath we take is the same as our previous breath, it is also unique and critical for that particular moment.

How will this year’s Breath of Heaven differ from past years? It’s this year’s breath, fresh and necessary for this moment.

Beginning tonight (Thursday, October 12) and continuing through Sunday, we will be building an altar of praise to our Lord. Our worship will be led by a different group every night, but our audience will be the same. That is, the Lord. He is the object of our worship and the one we praise. Our desire will be for Him to breathe upon this fresh altar with a fresh breath of heaven for everyone who comes to the meetings, for Wellspring, for Connecticut, and for New England.

The ministry team will also share with us fresh words and inspiration. They have been praying and seeking the Lord for what He would have them impart to us. Pam and I received Jeff and Milicent Collins in our home yesterday afternoon, and Jeff is already overflowing with a sense of the Lord’s ministering grace. Matthew Rudolph arrived Tuesday night and is sensing a sweet strong presence of the Holy Spirit in New England at this time. Chandy Thomas is a new name to many of you, but he will leave a lasting impression on everyone at the meetings. I am always surprised at how the Lord ministers through Chandy in unique ways and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for this weekend.

Yes, I am talking up the Breath of Heaven Meeting, but I am not hyping it. I am truly excited and full of expectation. I will be leading these meetings, but I will also come to each session with an open heart and mind so that I may receive all the Lord has for me and for us. I also am coming ready to worship and build a fresh altar of praise. He is worthy, so we will worship!

Here is a reminder of the schedule. For full details, please click here

Breath of Heaven Schedule

Thurs Oct 12th Fri Oct 13th Sat Oct 14th Sun Oct 15th
9:30 AM – Morning Session 9:30 AM – Morning Session 9:00 AM – Worship Service
2:00 PM – Afternoon Session 2:00 PM – Afternoon Session 11:00 AM – Worship Service
7:00 PM – Opening Session 7:00 PM – Evening Session 7:00 PM – Evening Session 5:30 PM – Closing Session
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