God Stories from Sam’s Club


by Judy Marzi

Psalm 18:6  But in my distress I cried out to the Lord; yes, I prayed to my God for help. He heard me from his sanctuary; my cry to him reached his ears.

As Hospitality Team Leader, I was in responsible for the breakfast pastries for the Cup of Encouragement Conference last Saturday, November 4th.   Several women had volunteered to bake and we were all set for the event until we received quite a few more online reservations in the last hours leading up to the conference.  While this certainly was cause for celebration, we needed more food!  

So, Friday morning off I went to Sam’s Club with a new temporary card, as a friend had added me to her business account so I could do the shopping.  When I presented my card at the desk as per the instructions, I was told that I was not able to shop because my name had not yet been added to the account.  I requested a temporary shopping card only to be told that they no longer issued them.  I thanked the woman who was doing her job, and told her that God must have another plan for me that day. 

I returned to my car, and spiritual woman that I am, began to cry!  It had been a week of very long nights, and I’d like to think the tears were more due to lack of sleep than lack of faith.  I asked God for help because I was running out of time and energy.  judy-and-frank

Through my tears, I saw “Dancing Frank” standing outside my car looking down at me with a concerned look on his face.  He recognized me from Wellspring and immediately came over to see if he could be of help.  I got out of the car, laughing through my tears, thanking God for sending Frank to pray with me—but God had more than that in mind!  

I explained to Frank what had just happened, and he pulled out his Sam’s Club card and said, “let’s go shopping!”  Talk about wanting to high five the God of the Universe!!  Frank said that he had the day off from work and would be happy to accompany me.

As we were walking toward the store, Frank explained that he had finished his shopping about 15 minutes earlier, and was ready to leave when his wife called to ask him to go back and buy some salad mix.  God used that delay to put him right in front of my car as I was crying!  Frank graciously guided me through the store, showed his card at the checkout, and allowed me to buy what I needed.  

I thank God for His provision and for Frank’s sensitivity to the Holy Spirit and his compassionate heart!  God cares about the details of our lives; He sees, hears, and shows Himself strong on our behalf.  His timing is perfect!!

If you have a God story you’d like to share with the Wellspring family, email us at Office@wellspring.net 

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