Where Are The Worms?

by Carol Nicholls

Image by Andy Langager
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“This is to my Father’s glory, that you bear much fruit.” John 5:8

Have you ever picked up a perfect apple, bit into its sweetness and then found half a worm? Suddenly that bite of deliciousness makes you gag! Or, perhaps, your computer is working fine until the next time you turn it on and the internet refuses to connect. After a lot of frustrating work you discover it has a “bug.”

It’s amazing how many times what starts with joy ends with irritation and disappointment. There’s the shiny new car that becomes a lemon; next door to the wonderful new home you purchased resides a noisy, rude neighbor or relationships that begin with hope, suddenly end with bitter disappointment.

When you think about your life, how many things have not worked out and left you wondering what went wrong? Is there someone or something that just rubs you the wrong way for no apparent reason?

Deep inside, like the worm in the apple, there is a reason. Finding the source can be a twisted trail. Too often we feel it is from something outside of ourselves. It is “their” fault. There are times, of course, when that is part of the issue. But even knowing that, the same bad feelings can erupt whenever we think about it.

Accumulating over the years, many small issues get deposited deep inside until we just feel vaguely unhappy. Father created us for relationship with Him. His joy and peace are offered but more times than not, we don’t truly experience them. Why?

There is one who plants worms in the garden of your life intending to rob you of the good fruit. Those worms can grow almost unnoticed. But, the perfect Gardner of life loves you with all of His heart. He knows how to get rid of those pesky worms. When examined in daylight,  they are so small.

If you’re sick and tired of not knowing why you feel as you do, know you have a Father who will open your eyes and show you His secrets if you sincerely seek Him. He promises to guide you.

What are the “worms” in the apples of your life? Read the Word with that question in your mind. Make that the subject of your prayers. Seek wise counsel from someone who has learned how to release the cares of this world. Through knowledge of His Son and a will to enjoy all that He has to offer, your garden of life will produce great, worm-free fruit.

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