Perspectives on the World Christian Movement Course


Perspectives on the World Christian Movement Class will be offered at Valley Community Baptist Church from January – May 2018.  With diverse reading selections and outstanding lecturers from all over New England and beyond, this is an invaluable course for anyone who wants to grow in his/her faith (especially if you have a heart for missions). Homeschool families with students in high school or local college might be particularly interested because it can be taken for college credit.

Dates:  Tuesdays from Jan 23 – May 15 (15 weeks, no class on 2/20 and 3/27)

Time:   6:30 – 9:00 pm

Location:  Valley Community Baptist Church, Avon

Cost:   Cost varies based on the level taken and includes the text and workbook.  The class is offered at three different levels.

  • Key reading ($250).  Involves attending the weekly lectures, roughly 25 pages of reading per week, and submitting five personal reflections (short answer).
  • Certificate ($250).  Requires the key reading work plus an additional 20 pages of reading per week, weekly lesson review questions, and a class project.
  • College Credit ($450).  Requires the certificate level work plus an additional 15-20 pages of reading per week, a mid-term and final exam, and a more comprehensive class project.

Note: once you’ve taken the class at any level, you may take it again in the future for free or minimal cost (anywhere I think!)  People from Converge churches can get a $100 rebate upon request after attending the first four classes.

Here is a link to the class website where you can find class info, speaker profiles (scroll down and click on the numbers 1-15), samples of the reading and lesson reviews (scroll down to Sample Assignments), and registration/fee information:

Jennifer Fosberry, a member of the planning team, will be in the cafe this Sunday December 3rd to answer any questions and help perspective students with the sign-up process.

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