Elders’ Report: Family Meeting December 3rd, 2017


Summary of the Elders’ Report from the Wellspring Family Meeting, 12/03/17

On Sunday December 3, 2017, nearly two hundred members of the Wellspring community gathered for our Family Meeting. Elder Nancy Riley shared a written statement describing the renewal and restoration process the Elder Board has been working on over the past year. This is a brief summary of that report, but copies of the full Elders’ Report will be available this Sunday at the Welcome Center or you can contact office@wellspring.net to have a copy mailed to you.

The Elders encourage you to contact them with questions, concerns, or comments and all the Elders’ names and emails are listed on the church website.

Nancy highlighted four specific issues the Elders feel are key to strengthening Wellspring’s relational health:

  • We believe that we are called to be a people of grace. We have been learning how to walk together with grace in this season, so that it will be part of our journey into the future.
  • We recognize that culture reflects leadership.  As we learn to create safe, emotional, spiritual and relational culture on all levels, we will continue on a journey of becoming a healthier, relational community.
  • The key to any relationship is communication.  We know we need to be communicating better and more often–sharing our hearts, hurdles and hopes in this journey and praying together for God’s protection and leading.  As a church, this has been contested and is an area where we are seeking for even greater breakthrough.  We must remain committed and diligent in communicating with honesty and love; otherwise, our relationships will suffer.
  • Trust is the currency of leadership.”   Trust creates safety and security and both are essential to maintaining relationally and healthy leadership.  Trust in our family has been broken, challenged, attacked and lost.  The Lord is restoring trust by teaching us how to establish a culture of grace, mutual honor, relationship, healthy communication, safety, transparency and unwavering commitment to walking things out together.

Nancy then identified ways that the Elders and staff have been building and restoring their relationships by meeting together, sharing concerns, and establishing better communication patterns that will lead to greater trust and unity in the future. She also shared Pastor Kevin’s desire to invest more deeply in Wellspring’s volunteer leaders by implementing quarterly meetings where all leaders in the community can come together for a time of sharing, equipping, and vision casting.

Finally, Nancy updated the community on Pastor Rick’s restoration process. Over the last several months, Rick has made significant process in his personal healing and the Elders have been working closely with Dr. Brent Allen, Executive Pastor of Converge and a member of Rick’s Restoration Team, to begin the process of transitioning Rick back into both fellowship and ministry at Wellspring.

Although the date has not been determined for Rick’s return in a professional, ministerial capacity, Rick and Debbie will be formally welcomed back to attend services and programs at Wellspring beginning on Sunday January 7th. The Elders will continue the process of developing an apostolic pastoral role for Rick at Wellspring that focuses on his primary areas of gifting: providing regional leadership to area pastors and churches; counseling and pastoral care; teaching and preaching at Wellspring and beyond; prayer and intercession initiatives.

Pastor Kevin will continue as our Acting Lead Pastor, Pastor Wes will continue as the Activation Pastor, and Dr. Allen will work with all three pastors as they develop a working relationship that honors their individual callings, giftings, and authority, yet has Pastor Kevin taking the lead according to his gifts.

Please make it a priority to attend the Congregational Meeting on January 14th at 6:30 pm, where we will be voting on the budget and any other orders of business as well as learning more about the pastors’ plans and visions for Wellspring’s future.



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