Update from the Elders

Elders Update

Update from the Elders

At the December 3rd Family Meeting, the Elders shared several updates about Pastor Rick McKinniss’s restoration process and laid out some initial information about the Congregational Meeting on January 14th. As plans continue to unfold, we wanted to offer you some additional updates on these two topics.

  • On Sunday, January 7th, Rick McKinniss will return to fellowship at Wellspring and will begin attending Sunday services and participating in community events.
    • The Elders feel it is important that Rick returns to our community and fellowship before he returns to any official staff or ministry role.
    • The Elders are working on a plan for Rick’s official return date to ministry, as well as to determine how his role will complement the roles of Pastor Kevin and Pastor Wes.
    • Please feel free to personally welcome Rick on January 7th, but we will wait to formally and publicly welcome him until he returns in a ministerial capacity.
  • At our Congregational Meeting on Sunday, January 14th, at 6:30 pm:
    • The 2018 budget will be presented and members will have the opportunity to ask questions before voting on it.
    • The Elders will present a nominating committee, comprised of members of the congregation, who will present a slate of nominees for all church officer positions that need to be filled according to our constitution.
    • A second meeting will be scheduled for Spring 2018 to discuss and vote on the nominations presented by the nominating committee. As laid out in the constitution, the nominating committee will post the list of recommended nominees two weeks before this meeting.
    • The Elders will present a plan to update and revise Wellspring’s constitution.

As always, any of the Elders would be glad to email or talk with you if you have any questions or concerns.  You can catch us on Sundays or email us directly.  All our names, faces, and email addresses are listed on the Wellspring website.

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