Pastor from Jesus’ Hometown Comes to Wellspring!

On Sunday morning, September 8, Pastor Andrew Abu-Ghazela, an Israeli Arab Christian leader, will be ministering at Wellspring Church. He is a pastor from Jesus’ hometown of Nazareth. Andrew also is the President of International Leadership Seminars, a ministry that equips and raises up leaders in Galilee and in third world countries around the world. He and his wife, Margaret recently completed a ministry trip that took them to several nations in Africa and Asia to speak at conferences and conduct leadership training.

I met Andrew this past spring when I had the privilege of participating in a Round Table gathering of Messianic and Christian leaders from across Israel and nations around the world. Convened just outside Jerusalem, the purpose of the gathering was to pursue the Lord’s agenda of bringing together as “one new man” the Body of Messiah, meaning believers from across the nations and Jewish believers in Jesus, especially those in the land of Israel. This coming together of the remnant of believing Israel and the church from the gentile nations is a key part of God’s end-time agenda, as detailed in Romans 9-11.

It was fascinating for me to be part of that gathering and to hear what the Lord is doing in establishing working relationships between believing Jews and gentile Christians. I met many intriguing people, including Pastor Andrew. It was enriching to interact with Andrew and to learn of the struggle that Arab Christians have in Israel. They are a minority population to begin with in the land, but experience prejudice and persecution at times from other Arabs, who are primarily Muslim. Nazareth has long had a Christian community, but it is a small one. Pastor Andrew’s passion is to reach his people and to see the Lord raise up leaders across the Galilee.

Andrew’s wife, Margaret, is from the United States and they have ministered regularly in the states. I am looking forward to welcoming them to Wellspring and to receiving from their lives and ministry. You will want to mark September 8 on your calendar and make every effort to be with us that morning.

Pastor Rick

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