Breath of Heaven with Jeff Collins


Watch the video invitation from Steve Briggs and Jeff by clicking the play button above.

We could all use a fresh breath of heaven about now! Uncertainty and confusion are at an all-time high, permeating nearly all aspects of our lives. From self-identity, to our economic climate, to our governing environment, we find ourselves in a most unsettled world. Our Breath of Heaven annual Camp Meeting with Jeff Collins will be a most welcomed opportunity to inhale a fresh wind of God’s Holy Spirit. Mark your calendars and plan to join us Friday and Saturday evenings October 15 and 16 at 7:00pm, as well as Sunday morning October 17th at 10:00am. Don’t miss out on what the Lord will release to us through Jeff.

As posted on her Facebook page, Wellspring member Cyndy Bezz connected Mark 1:15 with the rallying cry that Pastor Wes said during the 10 Days of Prayer:

“The time has come (Now is the time).
The kingdom of God is near (This is the place).
Repent and believe the good news (We are the people)! ”

Turn this into your personal, and our corporate revival today!  “Have your yes sitting on ready.” – Rick McKinniss.  The offer is still available.  How much of the Kingdom do YOU want?

I’ve come to describe Jeff Collins as “the oil of the Lord.” Wherever he goes, he pours out the love and life of the Father and his Kingdom onto everyone he ministers to and all those around him. Many years ago, Jeff felt directed by the Lord to re-establish camp meetings, an old term referring to a series of worship services where the larger body of Christ gathered in unity and a longing for renewal and revival. Recently, Jeff has been increasingly drawn to New England and feels the Father’s love for every soul in this region.

Now for the eighth year, Wellspring will host Jeff’s New England Camp Meeting that we have named Breath of Heaven. The meetings will be an opportunity for us to gather in His name, with an agenda to worship and glorify the Father, as we invite His power and presence to minister to us. We will gather expecting genuine love and power encounters. May the Lord bless, heal, and transform lives, and may His Kingdom come to Connecticut and throughout New England.

Jeff Collins has an amazing ability to release the atmosphere of Heaven and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. During and after the historical Great Awakening in America “camp meetings” developed where revivalists would travel from city to city and see the heavens open up under the leading of the Holy Spirit, resulting in healings, salvations, fresh infilling of the Holy Spirit, and awakening of the body of Christ. It is in this spirit that Jeff has felt God leading him to hold this series of meetings right here in Connecticut.

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