RE:NEW Series
30 Day Prayer Experiment

During the month of March our focus is upon moving from an old season into the new one that we believe the Lord is leading us into.   We know that in the natural realm the month of March marks the transition from winter to spring and from standard time to daylight savings time (don’t forget to “spring forward” on March 11th).  On each of the Sundays in March the teaching will focus on this transition from the old to the new. This is a recurring theme of Scripture and the Lord has much to say to us about navigating these transitions.  We believe this is what the Lord is doing during this season at Wellspring—transitioning us into a new and renewed expression of what He desires to do among us and through us.

But just as we need to turn our clocks forward or switch out our wardrobes from winter to spring, we need to cooperate and partner with the Lord in this transition.   On the opposite side of this page you will find a crafted prayer that we are asking everyone who calls Wellspring their church home to pray each day for thirty days. This will create a powerful and persistent agreement in prayer to partner with Him in what He longs to do in our midst.  

Also, there will be corporate gatherings of prayer each Wednesday evening in March to press into this invitation from the Lord to believe Him for the new that He longs to do in us, among us and through us.  Those gatherings will be in Room B-5 in the old building from 7:00-8:00 PM.


Please join us in praying this prayer together:

Lord Jesus Christ, we declare that you are the Head of Wellspring Church.
We ask your help to let go of things we are carrying from the past that weigh us down.  
And we ask that you bring healing to our hearts where they have been bruised and hurt.  
We ask you to inspire our hope for what you have for us in the new season before us.  
We even ask you, the Risen Lord, to resurrect hopes and dreams that seemed to have died.   
We thank you that you make all things new. (Revelation 21:5)

To enter more deeply into what we are asking the Lord to do at Wellspring, pray through these personal prayers of application that flow out of our payer of agreement:

  • What mindset do I need to change in order to move into the new that Jesus wants to bring?  Is there any attitude that I need to repent of?
  • Who do I need to forgive in order to move into the new that Jesus wants to bring?
  • What loss am I grieving for which I need the Lord’s comfort in order to move into the new that he wants to bring?
  • What personal hopes and dreams am I dreaming that are part of the new that I believe Jesus wants to bring into my life?  What hopes or dreams need to be resurrected?
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