Wellspring Partners with CT Prays

               Please join us on Thursday, March 5 at 7:00pm, at Wellspring, in The Space, to be part of the CT Prays movement!

We will meet the first Thursday of every month.  All are welcome!


Click here to read the 8 major PRAYER POINTS

that CT Prays is focused on as we lift up our state to the Lord.


CT Prays is a church based, 24/7 prayer initiative that is gaining momentum across our state.  The plan is simple yet profound.  One congregation takes a day of the month and recruits pray-ers to cover all 24 hours of that calendar day.  That day becomes “their” assigned day each month to focus intentional prayer for the advance of the Kingdom and for the welfare of our state.  This movement is gaining momentum across Connecticut—we are very close to having every day of the calendar covered.

The Lord is breathing on CT Prays and Wellspring is a big part of this movement.

Wellspring’s day in the CT Prays initiative is the first Thursday of every month.  During those 24 hours we have someone from our church praying in hourly shifts around the clock for our state and for the community and ministry of Wellspring.  (We would love to have two people covering every hour so that they could pray together.)  Also, on the first Thursday of every month, we hold a congregational CT Prays worship and prayer gathering at 7:00pm in The Space.  These have been great times of seeking the Lord together in worship and focused prayer for revival in our church and awakening in our state.  These gatherings ride on the momentum that has been built up over the years by a regular Thursday prayer group, “Prayer for the Nation,” which meets in Room B5 on every other Thursday evening.

222 Lincoln Street, Berlin, CT