In his book Healing the Orphan SpiritLeif Hetland writes:

I live my life for a face-to-face encounter with my Heavenly Father. When I become overwhelmed with the pressure and demands of life, I crawl up into my Father’s lap and gaze into His eyes. I live life by the principal that I am a little boy with a big Papa. We can live from one of two perspectives – big problems…little Papa, or big Papa…little problems.

If you are longing to experience this kind of relationship with God and to live from the perspective of being loved by a big Papa, we invite you to join us for a special night of teaching at ministry with Leif on  Saturday, September 14th, at 6:30 pm right here at Wellspring.

For taste of Leif’s teaching, watch this video from a message where Leif teaches on how to move from visitations of the Spirit to the habitation of God in your life.

Leif Hetland

222 Lincoln Street, Berlin, CT