About Wellspring

Wellspring has a rich 130+ year history and an exciting future here in the heart of Connecticut. Look around and get a sense of who we are and where God is taking us.


What We Believe

We believe in the love and goodness of God the Creator.

We believe every person is made in God’s image and has great worth; that we are designed for a personal relationship with God.

We believe that Jesus Christ is the expression of God’s love to this world; that he came to show us who God is and to bring near to us forgiveness of sin through his death on the cross and newness of life through his resurrection from the dead.

We believe this forgiveness and new life are offered to us by God’s grace and received through faith.

We believe the Holy Spirit is given to every believer as the expression of God’s presence and power for this new life as a follower of Jesus.

We believe that the life of following Jesus is best lived out in a community with other believers who are walking together in relationship for encouragement, support and shared mission.

We believe that the Bible is our authoritative word and direction for our lives as followers of Jesus.

We believe that the message of Jesus brings hope to individuals and to our world. This message of hope is embodied in what Jesus calls, “The Kingdom of God” or God’s saving work and gracious rule brought into our world where men and women welcome him.

Click here for the more formal and full Statement of Faith contained in our by-laws.

Wellspring is affiliated with Converge Worldwide, a larger movement of like-minded churches and ministries.

Our Mission is to be a Wellspring of Life:
  1. For our church
  2. In our community
  3. Throughout CT & to the world

Our mission is to be a Wellspring of Life!

For our church, in our communities, throughout Connecticut, and to the world!

Our history

Swedish immigrants to New Britain gathered in 1883 to form Elim Swedish Baptist Church. In the last 130+ past years, many things have changed. For one, our services are in English (a change made in the 1930’s). Our name, style, culture, and size are different, but the core Gospel message of Jesus and the presence of the Holy spirit continues to be our source of life.

“Elim” is the name of the oasis the Lord led the Israelites when they left Egypt and entered the desert (Exodus 15:27). The water at Elim sustained their lives. We desires for the Lord to continue to be our Wellspring of life. We want to encounter the depths of God’s presence (like an oasis in the desert) and release the flow of God’s kingdom. (John 7:38)

Our Staff

Our Elders

  • Mark McKinniss
    Mark McKinniss Elder
  • Delores Harris
    Delores Harris Elder
  • Don Jones
    Don Jones Elder
  • Grace Visockis
    Grace Visockis Elder
  • Herb & Jan Speer
    Herb & Jan Speer Elders
  • Keith Osborne
    Keith Osborne Elder
  • Mark Johnson
    Mark Johnson Elder
  • Nancy Riley
    Nancy Riley Elder
  • Sally Luzietti
    Sally Luzietti Elder
  • Terry Griswold
    Terry Griswold Elder