Iit is our delight to grow in knowing God through learning and applying it to our lives and in the communities of which we are a part.

We have countless demands on our time, and we desire to spend it in meaningful ways– doing good work and among people we love.  Along the way though, our lives can start to feel like a long to-do list and one full of unmarked check boxes at that!

Sometimes, it is important to stop, to ask questions about what we’re doing and why.  At Wellspring, we examine our lives and how it relates to the love and work of the all-good God we serve in Small Groups, which meet at the church and in area communities throughout the week.

Our minds are great gifts and intended to play a critical role in how we form, build, and live our lives.  Classes at Wellspring engage our minds as they engage our hearts.  They cover everything from hearing God and prophesy to topical Bible classes and financial peace and are offered seasonally.

Upcoming Classes

Small Groups

Wellspring Small Groups are about following Jesus in life-giving community. In groups, we share and support one another with the goal of aligning our daily life experiences with Jesus as we follow him.

Many groups meet at Wellspring on Wednesday nights. Others meet in the living rooms of their leaders. These groups gather at different days and times throughout central Connecticut. Like the people that make them up, they all have different personalities and dynamics, but they are united in purpose: to follow Jesus together.

If you need help personally connecting to a Small Group, reach out to Tori. She can help place you in a group that will be a good fit for you!

Thinking about Joining a Small Group?

Classes at Wellspring

Baptism Class

Adults interested in baptism are invited to attend a one-week class, directed by an elder, to explore baptism before taking part in it.

Baptism is a declaration of our identification with Jesus and desire to follow him, like a pledge of allegiance.  Following Jesus’ example, we do this by submerging you in a pool of water and pulling you back up again.  This represents the death and burial of one’s old self and one’s unification with Jesus’ resurrection.

We Are Wellspring

A Sunday morning class that runs each fall on who we are and why we do what we do at Wellspring

Our mission is “to be a Wellspring of life,” and this interactive class is about exploring what that means.  It is an introduction the big-picture–who we are as individual Jesus-followers and the specific roles that we fill together as Wellspring Church.

Prayer Classes

Classes are offered seasonally and are promoted here, in service, and in the e-newsletter

Past classes include: Hearing God, Developing your Prophet Gifting, Becoming a Prayer Servant to Others, and Elijah House.  Most classes meet at the church, but they meet at all different times.

Special Classes and Groups

Periodically, we offer topical Bible classes and courses on activating faith.  We also  have classes on timely issues, like parenting, marriage, finance, etc.

Groups like the Women of Wellspring host gatherings and classes to encourage one another.  Past classes include The Marriage Course, which is for married couples; Firestarters, which is Christian– young and old– to step into lifestyle ministry; parent classes; and Financial Peace University, which is a money-management course.