FIRESTARTERS WILL NOT BE IN SESSION UNTIL SPRING 2014 – This page is for the purpose of learning about Firestarters and will be updated with applicable times/dates when they are announced. Thanks for your interest in starting fires!

Firestarters: A New Discipleship Program at Wellspring

April 7th thru June 23th – $45/individual | $65/couple | $90 for 3 +$20 each additional/Family Deal
Registration deadline: April 7th, 2013


What is Firestarters?

A 12 week program designed to assist believers at any level in their walk to step into lifestyle ministry where you can represent the Kingdom with the guidance of the Lord. Firestarters focuses on the foundational Kingdom core values broken into 3 categories: Pursuing passion, Pursuing purpose, and Pursuing power.

Right now we have 12 coaches waiting for you to sign up for this spring!

When is it?

Sundays during the second service from 11:00-12:30pm at Wellspring.
Firestarters runs each Sunday from April 7th to June 23th.
There are 3 extra curricular activities:

  • Date TBD: Firestarters Community BBQ (Families of students welcome to attend)
  • Date TBD: Treasure Hunt (Practical Ministry with Coaches and Wellspring Prayer Teams)
  • Date TBD: Treasure Hunt (Practical Ministry with Coaches and Wellspring Prayer Teams)

Class Culture:

Firestarters celebrates 4 key cultures:

  • Risk – We take healthy risks throughout the course allowing the Lord to use us to do extraordinary works with Him.
  • Community – You’ll be in a super encouraging community environment where you’ll never feel alone in the risks you begin to find yourself taking.
  • Safety – We’ll be practicing key components of operating in healing and the prophetic through exercises that safely allow you to stretch your gifts without feeling pressure to perform.
  • Honor – We always honor one another in all we do in Firestarters. You’ll find this community to be super encouraging and respectful of where you are in your journey with Jesus and representing the Kingdom.

Each participant in Firestarters is assigned a coach that helps them walk through the course. You’ll always have an encourager to keep you Pursuing passion with the Father, Purpose in your identity, and the Power of the Holy Spirit.

Right now we have coaches waiting for you to sign up for this spring!

What to Expect:

No doubt, 12 weeks is a big commitment, but, if you find yourself committing to it, you’ll be stretched and you’ll grow in your relationship with Jesus. All along the way, you’ll have a community who is learning and growing along side you and a group of coaches to help you press on. By the end, you’ll have more of what you need to take your next step into a life filled with passion, purpose, and power.

Each week in class we will:

  • Share testimonies
  • Do exercises that stretch our faith in the Prophetic and Healing
  • Hear a lesson on a Kingdom Core Value
  • Share in Community
  • Get stretched!

Each week at home we will:

  • Be rooted in scripture
  • Take Risks that stretch us with the Lord

By the End of the Course you will have:

  • Read the entire New Testament
  • Soaked in God’s Presence
  • Prophesied over people in and outside of church
  • Prayed healing over people
  • Had check-in’s from coaches
  • Completed a Treasure Hunt with the class (a time of ministry outside the church)
  • Your own testimonies of God using you!


Firestarters costs $45 for an individual, $65 for a couple, and $90 for a family of 3 +$20 for each additional person.

Who is Firestarters for?:

Firestarters is for believers of any level who are ages 16+
Children under 16 who are accompanied by a parent will be considered on a case by case basis. Please discuss with Firestarters Coordinator.


Spring 2013 Schedule

April 7th – June 23th
  • Month #1 Date TBD: Firestarters Community BBQ (Families of students welcome to attend)
  • Month #2 Date TBD: Treasure Hunt (Practical Ministry)
  • Month #3 Date TBD: Treasure Hunt (Practical Ministry)

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Questions? Ask the Firestarters Coordinator: James Allen at or 860.225.0661 x119

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Firestarters Coordinator

James Allen

James Allen

Firestarters Coordinator

James Allen oversees Firestarters as the coordinator and coach trainer. He is also Wellspring’s Communications Manager and works with Pastor Wes on projects. Read his full bio on our staff page.

860-225-0661 x119[/icon]

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