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Become a Member of Wellspring

Wellspring Church’s mission is to be a wellspring of life for our church, in our communities, throughout Connecticut, and to the world. Our goal is that Wellspring would be a place for people to encounter the depths of God’s presence from which the flow of God’s Kingdom is released.

Members at Wellspring have freely chosen to take this mission as their own, to invest in this community and to allow the community to return the investment to them. Members have elected to take responsibility for the mission upon themselves.

Do you have to be a member to grow, invest, or be active in Wellspring’s mission? No. But those who choose to make Wellspring their home and commit themselves to the work of Christ through this community often decide to make this decision “official” through membership.

Want to be a member but need to be baptized?

How do I become a member?

Our membership process is designed to help you learn Wellspring’s culture, values and mission, and decide whether to make those your own. The process is flexible and can move at your own pace.

Membership Requirements

To begin the process of becoming a member, download a membership application by clicking the button below. You may start the process at any time and move at your own speed. The requirements for membership are

  • Faith in Jesus Christ
  • Believer’s Baptism
  • Core Convictions
  • We Are Wellspring: 8 of 12 classes
  • Interest Survey
  • Annual Covenant
  • Active Service
  • Community Connection
  • Elder Interview

I’d like to become a member

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