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Contact Nancy Quiles at 203-639-1392
or James Allen at 860-225-0661

W e have several ministries that fall under the umbrella of the CARE Ministries. The purpose of our Care Team is to bring the hospitality and kindness of God to those who may be homebound or hospitalized. We do this through visitation, prayer, and the provision of meals. We want people to know that God loves them and that somebody cares.

We visit those who are in the hospital or “stuck” at home because of illness or injury. We go to and pray for all who would like a visit and prayer. We make arrangements to bring meals to those who may not be able to cook for themselves due to illness or injury. We also collect non-perishable food items and distribute them to those in need.

There is room for you to serve in all these areas. We are seeking people who are willing to make meals, phone calls, or visits on an as needed basis. We are also looking for people who would like to collect and sort food items for distribution to those in need.

Below you can find a short description of each ministry, the coordinator and the needs. Feel free to contact the ministry coordinators with any questions you may have about the ministry or getting involved through serving.

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Food Pantry: The mission for this ministry is to collect food and distribute it to those in need.

To donate, help distribute, or be part of the team, please contact the church office 860-225-0661 x113 or

Crosscut Ministry: Our purpose is to help those in need with the physical maintenance of their homes, while showing the love of Christ and praying for the families we help, both within the family of Wellspring and beyond. All work is provided by volunteers at no cost to the homeowner. Examples might be plumbing issues, electrical problems, yard clean up, construction projects, handicap accessibility, etc.

Coordinator: Chris Knapp 860-225-0661 x132 or

Our Daily Bread: This ministry provides meal support during times of joy or sorrow. This can take the form of short or long term provision of meals during hospitalization, birth of a child or a death in the family.

Coordinator: Nicole Talledo at 860-829-1829.

Prayer Chain: Our mission is to be prayer warriors who commit to pray for specific needs that are shared with the congregation through the office, direct contact, or email. Updates are sent out each month along with continuing requests for prayer. Emergency calls are made to the prayer chain members when a need arises. There is a complete commitment to confidentiality in this ministry.

Coordinator: Jan Speer at 860-828-6754.

Visitation: This is ministry visitation to hospitals or homes. We extend our Wellspring family and care to those who are unable to come to us. Confidentiality is key in this ministry and a sensitivity to the needs and privacy of the people and/or families being visited.

Coodinator: Pastor Herb Speer at 860-828-6754.

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