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What do you mean by Worship Life?

We worship the Lord with song at Sunday services.  We also have other worship services such as the youth ministries, special services such as Maundy Thursday and Christmas Eve.  Plus, we worship the Lord with forms other than music, such as visual arts, writing, film and dance.  Our worship is not limited to services.  We worship when we gather to exercise creativity, through photography classes and other artistic workshops.  By Worship Life we mean all these things and everything that goes into making those things possible.

Worship with the Gatekeeper Churches

Do you have a group for _____?

You can see our list of Worship Life ministries below.  If you find your group below, great.  If not, it is our goal to for our worship to be shaped by the passions and gifting that the Lord has placed in out congregation.  So, we want to hear about your passion.

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