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We had planned to introduce this song this Sunday during communion, but we changed our minds.  We might introduce it in the future. Listen in advance so you can more easily join in when we do. If you read music, pick up a lead sheet in traditional notation at the Welcome Center under the Worship …

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Dancing With I AM by Chris Norton Being nearsighted necessitates I wear glasses if I wish to perceive things in the distance. Objects close up come through clear, but those far off always appear fuzzy. This holds true only in the natural. In all other aspects I suffer severe farsightedness. It takes considerable, concentrated effort …

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The thirty minutes between the 9am and 11am services are the best part of my week. Over the previous six days, I’ve called, emailed, texted, heard about, saw on Facebook, and mentally noted the absence of everyone I haven’t seen around lately. I value the time between services on Sunday morning so much because it …

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