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The Board of Elders are very happy to announce to the congregation and family of Wellspring some really exciting news. We believe that God has led us through a thorough process of review and seeking him for direction– and to a very gifted and experienced candidate for associate pastor of our church. PROCESS LOOKING BACK. …

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Humor by Wendy Coy I poked my head into my husband’s home office long enough to see him don headphones for his next Skype appointment. Backing away to avoid interrupting, I glanced up at his computer screen and saw his co-worker’s avatar – a black and white photo of a somber-faced, suit-wearing male, more like …

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Free Flyin’ by Chris Norton I love being clean. I don’t just mean in the context of being drug free. I mean I love cleanliness. Neat freak, clean freak–yep, that’s me. A place for everything and everything in it’s place. Fresh haircuts, filed fingernails, clipped toenails: Yes. Vacuum lines on the carpet, Pine Sol and lemon …

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