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Love Wins – The Hartford Project Testimony Written by Delores Harris The Hartford Project (THP) is an urban ministry bringing teenagers from all over New England to serve the community, learn about poverty, experience racial reconciliation and build relationships with the wider Body of Christ. In February, THP announced there would be a t-shirt design …

This past Sunday we rejoiced with seven people from our Wellspring family as they were baptized. Not only did they declare their commitment to their Lord and Savior Jesus, they also proclaimed wonderful testimonies of His love and faithfulness. As we celebrated one testimony after another, I was also struck by a clear resounding voice …

We have had a few more testimonies of healings that took place at our January 18 Walk-in Healing Clinic: A woman came in complaining of digestion problems and depression.  At the time she was prayed for by the team, she felt like the depression was related to the stomach issues and that the Lord wanted …

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