Join us for the noon time services with the following speakers:

Tuesday 9/7  New Britain Gatekeepers
Wednesday 9/8 Leroy Case
Thursday 9/9  Christina Bennett
Friday 9/10 Mandy Adendorff
Saturday 9/11  Gabrielle Beam
Sunday 9/12 Wellspring Testimony Service
Monday 9/13 Dr. Jessica Sanderson
Tuesday 9/14 Jeremiah Johnson
Wednesday 9/15 Paul Hylton
Thursday 9/16 Kevin Butterfield

Join us for the 7pm services with the following churches:

Tuesday 9/7  Gateway Christian Fellowship, Speaker: Lance Bane
Wednesday 9/8 Wintonbury Church/Citadel Of Love, Speaker: Andre` Riendeau
Thursday 9/9  New River Church, Speaker: Doug Rowse
Friday 9/10 Harvest Time Church, Speaker: Nick Uva
Saturday 9/11  Mary Of Bethany Church, Speaker: Pastor Arnold from Uganda
Sunday 9/12 Walnut Hill Community Church, Speaker: Brian Mowrey
Monday 9/13 Glory Chapel, Speaker: Dr. Paul Echtenkamp
Tuesday 9/14 House Of Prayer Church, Speaker: James Lilley
Wednesday 9/15 Bridge Community Church, Speaker: Todd Williams
Thursday 9/16 River Of Life Christian Fellowship, Speaker: Weston Brooks


for your prayer slot(s) in the tent!

We know you’re planning on attending some of the amazing evening sessions as we worship in high praise with the other churches that will be joining us.  But we will also keep the worship and prayer going 24 hours a day.  Look at the schedule and sign up below for as many slots as you can commit to.


10 Days of Prayer CT: Sept. 7th-16th

Wellspring is pitching the tent again! We will host another 10 Days of Prayer event in our parking lot as we partner with other churches from around Connecticut.  During the 10 days, from September 7-16, known as the Days of Awe on the Hebrew calendar, we will join a growing movement of churches around the country and even the world to set aside these 10 days for 24hr worship and prayer.

Last fall our time under the tent was powerful and life-giving especially during the challenges of 2020.  This year we want to come expecting another meaningful time filled with God’s presence and favor.  Most of all, we come humbly crying out for a move of God for our state, region, and country.  May your Kingdom come, Lord.  May it come now!

River of Life Christian Fellowship

Bridge Community Church

House of Prayer Church

Glory Chapel

Walnut Hill Community Church

Harvest Time Church

New River Church

Wintonbury Church

Citadel of Love

Gateway Christian Fellowship

10 Days of Prayer Event Schedule

September 7 at 7am through September 16 at 9pm

Everyone is welcome to attend anytime through the entire event  

Each day the schedule will be:

7am-8am – *Corporate Worship (worship, prayer, scripture reading, communion)
8am-12pm – *Levitical Worship
12pm-1pm – Corporate Worship (worship, brief message, prayer)
1pm-7pm – Levitical Worship
7pm-9pm – Corporate Worship (Partnering church will lead in worship, message, prayer)
9pm-7am – *Night Watch prayer

Rick McKinniss – Pastor at Wellspring

*Corporate Worship

During Corporate Worship, we will gather as a larger group and be led in worship, teaching, and prayer. The 7am sessions will set each day with scripture reading and communion. The noon and 7pm sessions will be led by many of our partner churches as the 10days is not a Wellspring event. We are delighted to host the event for the whole church in Connecticut.

Wesley Zinn – Pastor at Wellspring

*Levitcal Worship

During the Levitical Worship times, there will be a musician or singer worshipping and keeping the incense of praise rising to the Lord on the platform. Anyone is welcome to join in the worship, sit and soak in the moment, or press in with prayers of their own or from the prayer points provided. Anyone is welcome, but we would like to make sure that at least a few people are there for each hour. Please consider signing up for specific hours in the form below.

*Night Watch

During the Night Watch hours, we will gather in a smaller circle and join our hearts and voices together in prayer. Prayer points will be provided to assist and direct our focus through the night hours. Again, anyone is welcome at any time, but we want to make sure all the hours are covered. Please consider signing up for night watch hours below. (Many people who make the sacrifice to join us in the night find this time to be the most precious.)

Click Below to Sign Up For Prayer Times

(You don’t need to sign up to attend)



Logistics: The entire event will be held outside in the Wellspring parking lot under a large tent.  A door to the church will be open allowing access to restrooms. There will be someone responsible throughout the duration of the event for emergency and safety purposes, and an emergency phone number will be posted. Seating will be provided under the tent. In addition, you may bring lawn chairs and blankets, etc. The tent is a band-shell shape, so you will be able to spread out as necessary and still participate.

Please call or email the church office with any questions you may have. 860-225-0661 office@wellspring.net

The Lord is looking for his church to humble ourselves, seek his face, and yearn for his kingdom to come here on earth as it is in heaven.

Join us under the tent. Join us before the Lord.


For more information on Global 10 Days of Prayer locations and times click below!

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