One Word for 2018: Hope!

by Juste Buzas

Image by David

“The Lord is my Light and my Salvation – whom shall I fear or dread?  The Lord is the Refuge and Stronghold of my life – of whom shall I be afraid?”  (Psalm 27:1)

One afternoon not long ago, I stood on my front porch and watched the beginnings of a thunderstorm roll through the sky.  The sky was wild, exhilarating; alive with color and movement.  I was caught up in the rush of wind and action, struck with wonder at the battleground set before me.  It was as though the place in which I stood was the dividing line between storm and stillness.

To my left, the sky was ominous.  Layers of gray and black rolled together as one, threatening force.  An occasional drum of thunder grumbled from within the darkness.

To my right was brilliant sunshine.  Billowing white clouds set high against a glorious, blue sky.

The stage was set.  The battle was at hand.

A wild, chaotic wind pushed erratically through both light and dark, bending and twisting the tallest branches of the trees, rushing through the leaves with spirit and ease.  I stood in silent awe.  I watched, and I waited.  One foot in shadow.  One foot in light.

I must admit, I expected the storm to prevail.  I expected the dark sky to grow darker, wilder.  I expected the darkness to take over the light.

As I stood there with my glum expectations, I noticed in amazement that the wind was on the light’s side.  It twisted and turned through the trees, steadily driving the white clouds upon darkness.  Slowly, firmly, the light moved, overwhelming the darkness and pressing out the storm.  The thunder rumbled again and again from within the trailing darkness, but the lightening and rain never came.  Then, in dumbfounded amazement, I suddenly realized that I stood fully engulfed in light.

Jesus is our dividing line between peace and chaos.  Though the world predicts gloom, death and corruption, we have Jesus and His steadfast Truth to be our Light, comfort and compass.  We can be assured that the Light will prevail even when the darkness seems impenetrable.

That moment, as I stood enveloped in natural light, I decided to dedicate my life to seeking the Light of God.  I decided to defy the darkness by doubting it.  I decided to hope.  My hopes have never been disappointed.  The truth is – Light will always prevail!

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