Birthright of Freedom Bible Study


Harbor Shalom is offering a 10-week Bible study entitled “Birthright of Freedom.” Starting Saturday January 27th at 7 pm, “Birthright of Freedom” will explore three aspects of Biblical covenant: covenant blessings, generational sins, and portraits of Jesus.

Describing the course, teachers Doyle and Rebecca Musser explain, “Scripture speaks of a birthright and even a destiny for each of us. To live it out we must pursue a true knowledge of God. We must lay off our sins and the oppressions that have come through our blood lines. And we must fully embrace Jesus as the Model for life under the open heaven and as the Messiah who redeems us out of sin’s bondage into freedom. Hence, Birthright of Freedom is a tool in His hand.”

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To learn more about Harbor Shalom’s story, you can read about Doyle and Rebecca’s journey here.

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