Pastors’ Report from the Congregational Meeting

pastors-report-dq-2018-slim-bannerDear Wellspring family,

Thank you to all who came to our Annual Congregational Meeting last Sunday night. I appreciate the turn out and the spirit of unity as we looked at our budget and plans for 2018.

You may be wondering why Pastor Wes and I didn’t share any Pastors’ Reports, since we had previously announced that we would  be sharing our “plans and vision for the coming year.”

First, I apologize for not clarifying this change on Sunday night at the meeting, so let me take the opportunity now.

As we approached the date of the Congregational Meeting, I realized that we were not yet prepared to share our plans and visions for the coming year.  The primary reason is that as Pastor Rick transitions back, I feel it will be important for Pastor Rick, Pastor Wes, and I to all be able to communicate our roles, hearts, and vision for what we see in the days ahead within each of our roles and as a pastoral team.  We want to present our plans and visions together and explain how these plans will translate to our team, staff, and church. We look forward to sharing in upcoming meetings our reports, plans, and vision for how we see God leading us and the church.

Thank you for being gracious and flexible as we continue to navigate together how the Lord is leading us and how we can best complement each other in love and unity.

-Pastor Kevin

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