Update from the Congregational Meeting

On Sunday evening, January 14th
, the Elders held Wellspring’s 133rd Congregational Meeting. After moderator John Hodgkins led the congregation in reviewing and updating the minutes from last year’s meeting, Elder Chair Mark Johnson introduced the four main topics in the Elders’ Report: the process for nominating new Elders, the process for revising the constitution, a plan for a membership covenant service, and updated plans for Pastor Rick’s return to ministry. 

With regards to nominating new Elders, Mark shared that several Elders had reached the end of their three-year terms. He then introduced a Nominating Committee, who will gather nominations for new Elders and a Finance Deacon, review these nominations,  and present a slate of nominees to the membership to vote on. The members of the Nominating Committee are: Linda Briggs, Chris Minerly, Rick Mitera, Jenn (Beglinger) Olszyk, and Lynn Rouleau. The Nominating Committee is working with Pastor Wes to clarify the qualifications for these positions, create a process for submitting possible candidates, and put together a timeline for bringing the nominees before the congregation.  We will share this information as it’s developed, but if you have any questions in the meantime feel free to contact the Nominating Committee at nominating@wellspring.net .

Elder Terry Griswold then shared about a committee he and Elder Don Jones are leading to revise and update Wellspring’s constitution. He encouraged those who are interested in helping with the process and able to make a longer-term commitment to this committee to talk to him directly or email him at terrygriswold@wellspring.net.

Next, Terry let the congregation know that Wellspring would be holding a membership covenant service on Sunday March 25th, where the congregation could renew their membership or commit to the membership covenant for the first time. Following the membership covenant service, Wellspring will be offering membership classes and baptism classes for those interested in taking these next steps in their faith.

Finally, Mark updated the congregation that Pastor Rick will be returning to pastoral responsibilities on February 1st and initially working 30 hours a week as he transitions into new roles and responsibilities at Wellspring. Mark also shared that Pastor Kevin’s office is moving into Wellspring’s main office, as this location is far more accessible and convenient than his current office.

After the Elder’s Report, Pam Zinn shared the Treasurer’s Report and updated the congregation on the good news that Wellspring had finished 2017 in the black by $1,600. She then presented the proposed budget for 2018, which included a small increase in staffing expenses and IT tech support costs but decreases in utility costs and worship expenses. Overall, the proposed budget for 2018 is the same amount as the budget for 2017. After some questions and discussion, the membership approved the proposed 2018 budget.  Copies of 2017 Year End Financials and 2018 approved budget are available at the Welcome Center.

Pastor Kevin and Pastor Wes decided to save their Pastors’ Report for a future meeting, so following the Treasurer’s Report, John closed the Congregational Meeting in prayer.

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